Frequently Asked Questions

Volcanoes and Waterfalls photo tour


Accomodation & food

Where we will be staying?

During our trip we’ll stay at some of Costa Rica’s top rated resorts and exceptional lodges, all depending on availability and proximity of photography locations. You can rest assured your comfort is considered so that you can relax for the next day’s adventure.

Can a single room be arranged?

Absolutely. With a single supplement you can be content in the privacy of your own room. Contact us for specific information regarding the single supplement.

Are meals included?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included during the entire tour. Soft drinks during meal will also be included. Alcohol, snacks, and seconds will be at one’s own expense.

What if I have special dietary needs?

Please let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements with eateries, as much as possible - although we cannot guarantee success in every occasion.

What is the food like?

We will eat at the lodges and resorts we’ll stay in, as well as local restaurants (called ‘soda restaurants’). Costa Rican cuisine consists of a variety of rice, chicken/meat/fish, salads, fruit, plantains, stews, soups, as well as most restaurants have a choice of several casual foods such as fries, hamburgers, or pasta.


Is transportation included?

Transportation* is provided throughout the entire tour. We’ll travel in a comfortable minivan, and have professional driver who will stay with us during the tour to make sure we get to our locations safe and sound.

*Transportation to and from San Jose Airport is not included.

What airport should I fly in and out of?

Make sure to fly into Costa Rica’s capital (San Jose), Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO). Our tour starts in San Jose, on the afternoon of December 7th - at our hotel. The hotel is conveniently is located close to the airport.

How do I get to the location at the start of the tour?

We can provide pick-up on the airport, or you can meet us directly at the hotel. Make sure to let us know your flight information and our driver will be able to pick you up at the airport.


What camera gear should I bring?

With landscape and waterfall photography being the main focus on this trip, a wide angle lens is a necessity to have in your arsenal. A focal length between 12mm and 24mm is recommended for these kind of shots. Along the way we will encounter plenty of wildlife, so a zoom/tele lens is highly recommended, with a focal length of up to 300 to 600mm. This will allow you to make the most of the birds and other wildlife we may encounter.

Here are some recommendations of camera gear to bring on this trip:

  • Camera body: Crop sensor (APS-C) or full-frame camera (mirrorless or DSLR). If you have one, bring a back-up body (ideally with the same lens system)

  • Extra batteries and a charger

  • Plenty of memory cards

  • Wide angle lens: such as 12-24mm, 16-35mm with a minimum aperture of f4 or f5.6

  • Zoom lens: 70-200mm, 100-400mm (f4 or f2.8)

  • Optional: Mid range lens: 50mm, 70-100mm

  • Solid tripod. We are shooting waterfalls, often in water and sometimes in dark locations, a solid and reliable tripod is an absolute must

  • Polarization filter. Can be a circular filter or filter system (such as LEE, Kase, NiSi,  etc). This will reduce glare and help you increase shutter time when shooting waterfalls

  • ND (grad) filters. A 6-stop ND filter can be useful when shooting (long exposure) waterfalls during the day. Graduated filters (such as

  • Timer or remote control. To help prevent camera shake, a corded or remote control timer for your camera is a must

  • Optional: A laptop to follow along during post processing sessions. Make sure to have Lightroom (and optionally, Photoshop) installed

  • Camera bag and rain cover to carry your gear to shooting locations

  • Lens cloths. These are essential when dealing with the spray of a waterfall or when your lens fogs up from high humidity

What about clothing?

Costa Rica’s climate varies greatly per area and so it is important to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Your gear should include various lightweight layers that can keep you warm when needed and protect you from rain. Although we travel in the dry season, sudden showers can occur when we shoot in certain locations, and some of the areas may have high humidity, so consider the materials of clothing you’ll bring.

The following are a must:

  • Lightweight rain jacket

  • Lightweight (breathable) pants

  • Shorts

  • Swimsuit

  • T-shirts

  • Socks and underwear

  • Long Sleeve shirt(s)

  • Hiking boots (low or high top)

  • Flip flops

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat

  • Fleece or down jacket

  • Bug repellant

  • Sunblock


Will there be any difficult hikes during the trip?

Although there are no extreme or demanding hikes, and most locations are fairly easy to get to, you will need to be able to walk on uneven ground and walk up and down stairs to reach the best shooting spots (one of the locations we visit features a ~20 minute walk down stairs to get to the bottom of the waterfalls). Bear in mind that some of the destinations we visit have a hot and humid climate and trails can be muddy and slippery. Conditions can be more challenging during inclement weather. If you are in doubt regarding the physical demands of joining the tour, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


How much is deposit and when is the remainder of the payment due?

We request a deposit of $1000 to secure a spot on the tour. This deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance will be due in one lump sum, no less than 60 days prior to the start of the tour.

What are the payment methods available?

Paypal or bank wire transfer (ACH) are preferred. Get in touch with us and we will provide you with an invoice and further payment information.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

It is recommended to purchase a cancellation insurance after booking the tour, to help cover these fees if needed. Should you decide to cancel, and all workshop seats are booked, we will refund you the full amount you have paid towards the tuition, minus a $100 service charge. If you cancel and the workshop does not fill, then you will be refunded according to the following schedule (based on the full amount of the workshop):

Greater than 180 days from the start date of the workshop: full refund minus a $100 service fee.

90 days or more: 75% refund

60 days or more: 50% refund

Less than 60 days: no refund

Refunds will be paid via the same payment method as the original payment.


How much free time is there on a tour?

We pack a lot of activities into each day to make sure that our participants will have the most memorable trip possible, and we can make the most out of the photographic opportunities. The sun sets early (around 6 PM) in Costa Rica, so we generally have some time to relax at night after dinner. That being said, if you want to skip a sunrise shoot, you have that option. It’s important to make sure that you’ll be up and ready to meet us at times that we set for breakfast and travel.

What is the maximum number of participants on the tour?

In order to ensure the maximum amount of time to help you in the field (and during post processing sessions), we are keeping the group size to a maximum of 10 participants.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, you do. To take part in our tours, you need to cover your own insurance needs.
The travel insurance you purchase must include emergency evacuation, and proof of insurance purchase is required prior to the start of the tour. For more detailed information, see our terms and conditions.

Other questions?

We are happy to help! For any questions that are not answered above, please get in touch with us via the contact page. We are also more than happy to answer any questions via phone, but due to the time difference (Tomas is in the Netherlands, Juan is based in Costa Rica), we do ask to schedule a call first. Thank you!