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Vibrant Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most interesting destinations for nature enthusiasts, as it contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity, and the 25% of the entire country is rainforest. The country’s microclimates make it so the landscapes change frequently, offering an incredibly rich variety of flora and fauna. Driving an hour or two away from any point will amaze you in just how suddenly you can be transported from one world to the next. All of this and somehow still, Costa Rica is not your usual landscape photography tour destination. We’d like to introduce you to what Costa Rica has to offer in nature, friendliness, landscapes, flavors, and adventure, all while honing your photography skills with new friends.


Choose Us?

We are two passionate photographers who are experienced in world-wide traveling, travels within Costa Rica, and in nature and landscape photography. It is our love and passion of photography and nature that brought us together as friends, and we’d love to share some of our insights and thirst for exploring with you.

During our time together we’ll see beautiful masterpieces of nature and you’ll take with you new techniques, tools, memories, experiences, and of course tons of wonderful photos to work on! We aim to share our love of photography and the variety of tropical delights that Costa Rica has to offer with you.